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Cleanroom Accessories

Here at Angstrom we offer a variety of cleanroom products that reduce air contaminants, for any operation, down to basically…“nothing.” Whether you need a pass-thru for your cleanroom, or you need a laminar flow bench for your manufacturing application, or you need a reliable way of transporting products between critical environments, we have a solution for you.


Wall and cart pass-thrus are the best way to control cross-contamination in a critical environment. Angstrom offers standard size wall and cart pass-thrus, offering the best price and lead-time to meet your needs. Custom sizes and options, such as HEPA filtered pass-thrus, are also available.


Laminar Flow Workstations (Clean Benches)

If laminar flow is required for specific processes inside your cleanroom, or if you just need to control air contamination for a small area of your manufacturing process, free-standing or portable laminar flow workstations are the perfect solution. Standard sizes are available for the best price and lead time. Custom sizes and options can also be designed by our engineering staff.


Battery-Powered Mobile HEPA Cabinets

If you have a need to transport product from one critical environment to another, without having to wipe it down, our battery-powered mobile HEPA cabinets are what you need. The battery can run the motorized HEPA fan filter unit for over 30 minutes on a single charge. In between uses, you just plug the on-board charging system into a wall outlet to recharge the battery for its next use.


Of course, these are only a few of the many materials and options available for cleanroom garments. Check out our complete catalog of cleanroom garments or talk to one of our cleanroom experts to find exactly what your cleanroom needs. Once you've found what you're looking for, be sure to review our Cleanroom Garmenting Procedure Guide to stay up-to-date on the best garmenting procedures for each cleanroom class.

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