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Cleanroom Bucketless Mop Handle Bucketless Trigger Mop with Universal Easy Snap Handle - No View Tube

Cleanroom Bucketless Trigger Mop Handle with Universal Easy Snap

Cleanroom Bucketless Trigger Mop Handle - 56 1/2" Anodized Aluminum. Holds 25 oz of liquid internally in the handle with no external reservoir. Available with or without view tube. Handles are compatible with Universal Easy Snap cleanroom mop frames.

Packaged: Individually

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Bucketless Trigger Mop Handle - No View Tube 5102-005
Bucketless Trigger Mop Handle - With View Tube 5102-006


Simplicity and efficiency at its finest. Made of anodized aluminum. The handle holds 25 oz of liquid internally with no external reservoir. By holding the cleaning liquid inside the handle it is evenly weighted and sleek making it ergonomic and allows access to hard to reach spaces. It has an optional clear view tube at the top of the handle making it easy to fill and view level of liquid inside. The trigger release at the top of the handle controls the amount of liquid dispensed onto the floor. Liquid cleaner is dispensed above the mop frame directly onto the floor so you can view how much you are dispensing, it is not dispensed into the mop head making it hard to determine how much liquid is being used. The handle is very universal and can be used with many of the cleanroom mop frame systems in the market today. Mop frames easily and quickly snap into place. We also have adapters for most other types of mop frame connections. Contact us today to learn more and discuss if this mop handle will meet your needs.

Handle only, does not include mop head or frame. 

Packaged: Individually

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