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Cleanroom Sticky Mat Guide: Proper Installation and Removal

Are Sticky Mats Properly Being Used in Your Cleanroom?

Also known as cleanroom adhesive mats, sticky mats are disposable mats made from layers of polyethylene sheets with specially treated pressure sensitive adhesive on the exposed surface.

Sticky mats provide a significant benefit in the cleanroom by minimizing the amount of the contamination that goes inside of it, but what if your sticky mat isn’t being used properly? A common question we receive is: "Why won't my sticky mat stick to the floor?" The biggest reason why this is a common issue is that many do not realize there is a right and wrong way to install and remove each sticky mat sheet. To assist with these types of issues, we have created an installation guide and two video's to help. Feel free to take a look and let us know what you think!


  • Adhesive strong enough to remove dust and dirt from the bottom of a sole, yet mild enough not to cause the shoe cover to stick to the mat
  • Operators or carts entering a cleanroom or clean zone walk or roll on the film to remove foot and wheel-born contamination
  • Purpose of mat is to minimize the amount of contamination entering the controlled environment by way of shoes, cart wheels, and other sources

By following the recommendations below, operators can ensure a successful Sticky Mat installation.  Shop Sticky Mats

Sticky Mat Installation Video:

I. Proper Location/Placement

  • Sticky mats should not be placed in the cleanroom
  • Sticky mats should be placed at entrance to cleanroom and at entrance to cleanroom gowning area
  • Sticky mat placement and size should allow for 2-3 steps to fully remove dirt/debris

II. Identify Your Surface

III. Preparation

  • Clean and dry surface with wipe or mop, IPA can be used to remove any residues
  • Ensure all residues, film, dirt and/or debris are removed from the surface
  • Allow adequate time to fully dry

IV. Mat Installation

  • Remove the clear protective sheet from the “Bottom” of the mat. Do not remove sheet from top of the mat at this time
  • Start by placing two corners of the mat on the surface where you would like the mat positioned, slightly bending the mat up from the opposite end, while keeping the remaining part of the mat from fully touching the surface
  • Slowly work from the two corners pressing firmly down from side to side (width) across the entire mat. Process is similar to placing a sticker; remove all bubbles and make sure to get good adhesive contact with surface. Apply weight by stepping on the mat or rolling it with a heavy roller will help secure the mat

V. Ready to Use (removing “top” protective clear sheet layer)

  • Start at the pull-tab location on the mat
  • Slowly remove the top clear layer and you are ready for use

VI. Properly Removing Contaminated Sheets

  • Avoid grabbing the tab and quickly tearing the sheet off entirely in one quick smooth swipe. This prevents (1) static-shock, and (2) the release of contamination into the air
  • Carefully pull about 5-6” of the sheet back, then slowly work around the mat exterior working your way to the center of the mat until you have fully contained the debris inside the sheet

Sticky Mat Sheet Removal Video:

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