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Cleanroom Traditional Mop Buckets with Optional Downpress Wringer

Stainless steel round buckets and wringer from Geerpres! Choose from autoclavable 5 gallon bucket with 3" autoclavable casters OR autoclavable 5 gallon bucket with 2" non-autoclavable casters, plus optional stainless steel downpress wringer.

Packaging: Each unit sold individually

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Autoclavable SS Bucket with non-autoclavable 2" Casters 5103-001
Autoclavable SS Bucket with autoclavable 3" Casters 5103-002
SS Downpress Wringer 5103-003


Autoclavable bucket (non-autoclavable casters): Seamless 304 stainless-steel buckets have rolled, open rims that reinforce the bucket and prevent accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Exclusive seamless construction keeps buckets leak-free and easy to sanitize. Bail ears are positioned below rims to avoid interference with wringer placement. Permanently etched graduations inside for easier mixing of solution. With proper care and maintenance these buckets will not rust or stain and will retain their clean, attractive appearance. To prevent the spread of infection (nosocomial infection), many infection control experts prefer stainless steel over plastic because they know it is the only true surface which resists germs and provides no true surface support for the growth of microorganisms. 2" double raceway ball bearing casters. (non-autoclavable)

Autoclavable bucket and casters: Exclusive seamless 304 stainless-steel design doesn't have any cracks, crevices or holes to harbor bacteria or dirt. Easy to sanitize, too. Bail ears are located below rims to allow easy placement of wringer. Three-inch stainless-steel casters allow ease of movement as well as sanitation. With proper care, these buckets will provide a lifetime of corrosion-free, attractive use. The entire bucket is autoclavable. 3" casters are greaseless.

Wringer: Stainless steel wringer is electropolished to make the surface very smooth - so bacteria and foreign particles have nothing to attach themselves to. Stainless-steel allows autoclaving and will not rust, discolor or deteriorate with proper care. Downward-pressure action wringers mops up to three times faster than other wringers to boost productivity and reduce costs. Wringer is autoclavable. For 16-24 oz. mops.

Packaging: Each unit sold individually

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