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ComforTech Cleanroom Coveralls with AquaTrak Boots

ComforTech Cleanroom Coveralls with Elastic Wrist, Ankle - Hood & AquaTrak Boots

ComforTech, a microporous material, was designed using the latest innovation technologies. It delivers excellent protection from chemicals, particles, and biologicals while keeping the wearer, cool, clean, comfortable, and protected. Elastic hood, wrist and ankle, with AquaTrak Boots.

Packaging: 25 per case, priced per case

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ComforTech coveralls provide superior protection without sacrificing comfort. They are constructed of an innovative, lightweight and durable material that delivers excellent protection against particles, biologicals and many fluids. The ComforTech material exhibits a low particle count and has a 99.9% filtration efficiency to help protect your environment from contamination. A breathable and efficient material, ComforTech also has static dissipative properties for those applications where electro-static dissipative (ESD) protection is required.

Ultra low particle count
Designed with the user in mind.
Excellent strength
For environments where static build up is a risk, SmartWear material is static dissipative.
Elastic hood, wrist and ankle, AquaTrak boots, serged seams, white

Packaging: 25 per case, priced per case


Additional Information

Manufacturer: AlphaPro Tech
Type: Disposable
Sterility: Non-sterile
Material: Microporous
Manufacturer SKU: N/A