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Edge Type: How Does it Affect Your Clean Room Wipe?

The edge type of your wiper affects the cleanliness of your wipe and the wipe particle retention. Angstrom Supply carries wipes with 3 different edge types: knife cut, laser seal, and border seal.



Knife cut edges are formed by sharp steal blades cutting the edges of the wiper to form an unsealed edge around the outside. The edges of wipes with this cut are clean & straight but they do not provide cleanliness to handle critical jobs. Knife cut edges are an economical option for most clean rooms but they also don’t provide the best particle retention, as the edge is a straight cut and not a seal.

Cost: $


Laser sealed edges or heat sealed edges are formed when a heat laser cuts the edge of the cleanroom wipe. This provides a clean, precise cut on the wipe and seals the edges, giving the wipe cleaner properties than one with a knife cut. The particle retention for wipes with laser seals is moderate, making them useful for jobs that cleaner wipes.

Cost: $$


Border Seal edges are the best option for wipes that are needed for critical jobs. They are excellent when it comes to particle retention, but that also comes at a price. These are our least economical wipes but they provide the best results in cleanliness.

Cost: $$$

In addition to edge types, other wipe characteristics, such as wiper material and saturation, also play into the cleanliness of your clean room wipe. For factors to consider when making your decision read more in our Cleanroom Wipes: How to choose what is right for you guide.

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