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How to Clean a Cleanroom: Techniques for Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

Cleanroom mopping: What’s the difference?

How to clean a cleanroom is a question that comes with confusion, but Angstrom is here to help solve it. Cleanroom mopping is a complex method and important to know. There are many techniques for cleanroom mopping, so let us break it down.  Using our guide below will ensure that your cleanroom is spotless.

Figure 8

  • Follow the pattern as indicated in the image above, repeat the pattern every 30 sq/ft.
  • Overlap paths to make sure no surface area is missed
  • Mop in one direction
  • Work backwards pulling the mop towards you

Lift and Pull for Walls

  • Mop from top to bottom, focusing on the cleanest area (top) first to the dirtiest area (bottom)
  • Use straight linear strokes
  • Overlap paths to make sure no surface area is missed


  • For the Figure 8 and Lift and Pull method, don't forget to overlap as you go!

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