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Particle Counters 101

What are particle counters?


Particle counters are devices specifically designed to help prevent unwanted particles from impacting cleanrooms or controlled environments. They are utilized in controlled environments every day to monitor the number of particles in the air, identify/reduce contamination and ensure that the environment meets compliance requirements set by industry standards.

A hand-held particle counter is a small, portable and self-contained device easily transported for use within a cleanroom or controlled environment. These devices are able to detect and count physical particles ranging from as small as 0.3 microns up to 10 microns. Hand-held particle counters provide the user with detailed data captured and then indexed on its built-in display screen.Price is often determined by particle size capabilities, the number of air inflow channels, and added features such as air temperature, sample capacity and humidity readings.

Applications of particle counters


Angstrom’s selection of particle counters offers an economic solution for professionals who validate ISO cleanrooms 5 or 6 (Class 100 or 1000) and investigate air quality matters.


Common applications within the cleanroom:


  • Classifying ISO cleanrooms
  • Identify contamination
  • Quality assurance
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Verifying equipment performance
  • Testing for filter leaks and efficiency
  • Testing for valve leaks and efficiency
  • Ensures environment or equipment meets compliance requirements set by industry standards

Calibration of a particle counter


With most scientific instruments, calibration is recommended once per year to insure normal operation and repeatable performance within the stated accuracy for the instrument. Individual companies may have internal quality plans that require more frequent calibration intervals.


For your convenience, Airy Technology offers calibration for their devices.

Visit Airy Technology's Calibration/Damage Request Form to fill out the form for their calibration or repair services.

*Calibration is free but diagnostic/repair services will incur a fee & shipping is not included.

Why did we choose to offer Airy Technology?


Unique Features:

  • Economical price point for great quality
  • A color display that provides full count values with cumulative and differential counts simultaneously



  • Complies with the ISO 21501-4 for calibration of a particle counter
  • Meets requirements for meeting ISO 14644-2015 for life science, medical and pharmaceuticals applications

Comparing Airy Technology's Particle Counters


We offer some of the highest quality hand-held particle counters in the industry by Airy Technology.


Airy Technology's Particle Counter - Model P311

Airy Technology's Particle Counter - Model P311

Measures 0.3 µm to 5.0 µm

0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) flow rate

Measures 3 channels of simultaneous data

Stores up to 8,000 sample records

Stores up to 199 sample locations


Airy Technology's Particle Counter - Model P611

Airy Technology's Particle Counter - Model P611

Measures 0.3 µm to 10.0 µm

0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) flow rate

Measures 6 channels of simultaneous data

Stores up to 10,000 sample records

Stores up to 999 sample locations



Airy Technology - http://airytechnology.com

TSI - https://www.tsi.com/

Cleanroom Technology - https://www.cleanroomtechnology.com

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