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Roll-O-Matic 14" Stainless Steel Cleanroom Mop 14" Galvanized Steel CE Foam "Universal" 14" Stainless Steel CE Foam "Universal" 14" CE "Absorb" 14" Stainless Steel CE "Clean" with Microfiber 14" Stainless Steel CE "Disinfect"

Stainless Steel Roll-O-Matic Cleanroom Mop

Original Stainless Steel Cleanroom Roll-O-Matic® Sponge Roller Mop. Entire mop handle is completely autoclavable at the most common autoclave cycles. Cap is stainless steel and completely sealed. Straight handle allows user to properly implement the pull-and-lift technique with both sides of the mop. Perfect for use on floors, walls and ceilings. Self-wringing, 14" mop head. Replacement mop heads of various types are available for Roll-O-Matic cleanroom mops. 14" wide mops will accept 14" wide Roll-O-Matic® refills.

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Stainless Steel RollerMop - 14"x48" - each 3204-003
Stainless Steel RollerMop - 14"x72" - each 3204-005
Galvanized Steel - CE Foam "Universal" - 12/case 3203-002
Stainless Steel - CE Foam "Universal" - 12/case 3203-003
Galvanized Steel - White Mop Head CE "Absorb" - 12/case 3203-004
Stainless Steel - CE Microfiber "Clean" - 12/case 3203-005
Stainless Steel - Polyester "Disinfect" - 12/case 3203-006


Cleanroom Mop- Roll-O-Matic stainless steel, self wringing, autoclavable for sterile mopping from Angstrom Supply on Vimeo.

Original Stainless Steel Cleanroom Roll-O-Matic® Sponge Roller Mop, for use in all Professional and Controlled Environments

  • Straight head design allows user to flip over mop head for extended use between wrings 
  • Resists autoclave, gamma and ETO 
  • Fits all Original and FHP CE Roll-O-Matic® approved refills 
  • Ideal for the “Pull and Lift” technique used in cleaning and disinfecting walls, floors and ceilings 
  • Stainless Steel mops are resistant to common disinfectants 
  • Original design 14" Roll-O-Matic Orginal Style Stainless Steel Mop. Straight Head.
  • Handle length is available in 48”, 72"  
  • Self-wringing
  • Extremely light weight 

Packaging: Priced individually

Available 14" replacement mop heads  

  • FHP CE "Universal" Galvanized or Stainless Steel Roll-O-Matic Refill Perfect for general use within all controlled environments. Absorb spills, clean particulates, or apply disinfectants. 
  • FHP CE "Disinfect" with Polyester Laminated Roll-O-Matic Refill Polyester Lamination allows for tear-free application of disinfectants, cleaning and spill absorption. Polyester allows for optimized manufacturer recommended contact times for disinfectants. Unlike competitive products this Polyester is laminated to the foam without the use of adhesives which could contaminate surfaces. SS Channel. 
  • FHP CE "Clean" with Microfiber Laminated Roll-O-Matic Refill Microfiber lamination allows for tear-free cleaning of deep contaminants and disinfectant residues. Unlike competitive products this Microfiber is laminated to the foam without the use of adhesives which could contaminate surfaces. SS Channel. 
  • FHP CE "Absorb" White Foam Roll-O-Matic Refill White controlled environment foam absorbs liquids four times quicker than average foam refills. This white foam is extremely durable and perfect for spill pick-up, applying disinfectant and cleaning particulates.

Packaging: 12 mop heads per case, priced per case

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