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TX1010 Texwipe Vectra Alpha 10

TX1010 Texwipe Vectra Alpha 10 9"x9" Cleanroom Wipers

The ITW TexWipe Vectra Alpha 10 is state-of-the-art cleanroom technology, providing superior performance in critical environments. Made from a sturdy double-knit of 100% polyester, the Vectra Alpha is ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from rough or abrasive surfaces to sensitive equipment interiors. The Vectra Alpha is available dry or pre-wetted with Isopropyl Alcohol.


  • SKU: TX1010
  • Style: Vectra Alpha 10
  • Brand: ITW Texwipe
  • Material: 100% polyester, double-knit, continuous-filament
  • Edge Type: Sealed Edge
  • Size: 9" x 9"
  • ISO Class Classification: ISO 2-7 (Class <1 - 10,000)
  • Key Features: highly absorbent, extremely low particle release, chemical resistant
  • Packaging: Bag or Case (Cleanroom laundered and double bagged)
    • Bag Unit: 2 inner bags of 50 wipers each (100 wipers total)
    • Case Unit: 10 bags/case (1,000 wipers total)

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ITW Texwipe TX1010 Vectra Alpha 10 Cleanroom Wiper

ITW Texwipe TX1010 Vectra Alpha 10 is a dry cleanroom wipe constructed of a 100% polyester, double-knit, continuous-filament material. Ultraclean, highly sorbent wiper designed for the most critical of environments and situations. Offering an extremely low particle release and fiber levels are able to prevent contamination in the most important places within the cleanroom. 

Packaging for ITW TexWipe TX1010 is available in a bag or case (100 wipers/bag, 10 bags/case).


Features of ITW TexWipe TX1010:

  • Made of a 100% synthetic polyester material (double-knit, continuous-filament)
  • Cleanroom laundered and packaged
  • Sealed edge 
  • Meets USP <797> and USP <800> wiper requirements
  • Easy traceability & high level of quality control
  • Shelf life of 5 years after manufacture date


Benefits of ITW TexWipe TX1010: 

  • Allows for high absorbency making it ideal for spill control, cleaning, and common solution application
  • Consistently offers ultra low levels of unwanted ions, residues and particles
  • Resistant to snagging or abrading common with rough use
  • Continuous-filament fiber prevents shedding
  • Excellent chemical resistance


Applications of ITW TexWipe TX1010: 

  • General Wiping and cleaning surfaces, equipment and parts
  • Spill Control 
  • Application and removing of lubricants, adhesives, degreasers, residues and solutions similar to disinfectants and isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • Cleaning items entering the cleanroom (e.g. gloves, notebooks, phones, etc)
  • Lining trays for holding, protecting, drying and storing of parts, equipment and devices
  • Use with temperatures up to 400°F (205°C)

Suitable Cleanroom Environments:

  • ISO Class 2 – 7
  • Class <1 – 10,000 

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Texwipe
Cleanroom Class: Class <1 (ISO2), Class 1 (ISO3), Class 10 (ISO4), Class 100 (ISO5), Class 1,000 (ISO6), Class 10,000 (ISO7)
Manufacturer SKU: TX1010
Wiper Material: Knit Polyester
Absorption: Average
Saturation: Dry
Edge Type: Border Seal
Particulate Release: Low
Sterility: Non-Sterile