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TX309 Texwipe Cotton

TX309 TexWipe Cotton Cleanroom Wipers 9"x9"

TX309 - A 100% cotton wiper that can safely clean surfaces that prevent the use of synthetic wipers

SKU: 1201-061

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The TX309 TexWipe Cotton is a 100% cotton wiper designed to clean surfaces that cannot be cleaned by synthetic wipes. Diffusion furnace equipment and magnetic media disk services can be safely cleaned without concern, and the wiper's low particuate release allows for these unique surfaces to be cleaned without notable risk of contamination.

The TX309 is best suited for specialty applications such as:

  • Cleaning, polishing and burnishing of metallic and nonmetallic magnetic media disk surfaces 
  • Cleaning diffusion furnace equipment in water fabrication and other equipment in areas where high temperatures prevent the use of synthetic wipers 
  • Removing aqueous and organic solvent spills 

As a 100% natural cotton wiper, the TX309 serves a very unique purpose and is a welcome and often necessary addition to any cleanroom.

Packaging: 1800 wipers/bag (2 inner bags of 150), 6 bags/case, Available as bag or case

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Texwipe
Cleanroom Class: Class 1000 (ISO6), Class 10,000 (ISO7), Class 100,000 (ISO8)
Manufacturer SKU: TX309
Wiper Material: Cotton
Absorption: High
Saturation: Dry
Edge Type: N/A
Particulate Release: Low
Sterility: Non-Sterile