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TX3217 Texwipe Sterile TechniSat

TX3217 Sterile TechniSat Cleanroom Wiper

TX3217 - A sterile polyester/cellulose blend wiper pre-wetted with 70% IPA ideal for cleaning and polishing sterilized lab equipment.

Packaging: 20 wipers/flexpack, 25 flexpacks/case - Available as bag or case

SKU: 1204-027

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The TexWipe Sterile TechniSat is a polyester/cellulose blend wiper pre-wetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol. The wiper is designed for cleaning and polishing production equipment in sterile environments, typically used in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and microbiological labs. The IPA solution makes the wipers ideal for a variety of applications in sterile environments, including:

  • Designed for cleaning and polishing equipment and environmental surfaces during and following the production flow
  • Ideal for wiping gloved hands
  • Suitable for sterile wiping of production equipment and laminar flow hoods requiring low solvent extractables and low particle generation\


Inner Bags: 20 wipers/flexpack
Outer Bags: 24 flexpacks/case
Total: 480 wipers/case

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Texwipe
Cleanroom Class: N/A
Manufacturer SKU: TX3217
Wiper Material: Poly-Cellulose
Absorption: N/A
Saturation: Pre-wetted
Edge Type: N/A
Particulate Release: Low
Sterility: Sterile