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TX3252 Sterile AlphaSat with AlphaSorb HC

TX3252 Sterile AlphaSat Cleanroom Wiper with AlphaSorb HC

TX3252 - A sterile, highly soprtive wiper pre-wetted with 70% IPA/30% deionized water

Packaging: 25 wipers/flatpack, 5 flatpacks/case - Available as bag or case

SKU: 1204-024

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This item is considered a Hazardous shipment and can only be shipped UPS Ground. All Hazmat shipments require a $30.00 Hazmat shipping charge added for each case.

The Sterile AlphaSat with AlphaSorb HC is a highly sorptive, sterilized polyester wiper pre-wetted with a 70% isopropyl alcohol 30% deionized water solution. The wiper is primarily made for cleaning soiled surfaces and instruments in a sterile environment.

Some of the benefits of the Sterile AlphaSat include:

  • Excellent for wiping down roller bottles and other production equipment in a sterile environment during and following production flow
  • Designed for cleaning environmental surfaces in sterile suites that require low solvent extractables and low particle generation
  • Ideal for easy cleanup of soiled surfaces in sterile suite


Inner Bags: 25 wipers/flatpack
Outer Bags: 5 flatpacks/case
Total: 125 wipers/case

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Texwipe
Cleanroom Class: N/A
Manufacturer SKU: tx3252
Wiper Material: Knit Polyester
Absorption: N/A
Saturation: Pre-wetted
Edge Type: N/A
Particulate Release: Low
Sterility: Sterile