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TX4009 Texwipe MiracleWipe

TX4009 MiracleWipe Cleanroom Wiper 9"x9"

TX4009 - A strong, exceptionally clean nylon wiper perfect for a wide array of tasks in the most critical areas

SKU: 1201-040

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The TexWipe MiracleWipe is a 100% synthetic nylon fiber wiper optimized for use in the most critical cleanroom areas. The wiper's superior tensile strength, durability, and elasticity make it a strong option for a wide array of applications in areas where contamination is the foremost prioritiy, including optical surfaces, media disk surfaces, and more abrasive surfaces.

Other applications include:

  • Superior for spill control and general wiping
  • Abrasive surface cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning sensitive optical and photomask surfaces
  • Excellent for cleaning and polishing magnetic media disk surfaces

Packaging: 150 wipers/bag (3 inner bags of 50), 8 bags/case - Available as bag or case

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Texwipe
Cleanroom Class: Class 100 (ISO5), Class 1,000 (ISO6)
Manufacturer SKU: N/A
Wiper Material: Other
Absorption: High
Saturation: Dry
Edge Type: N/A
Particulate Release: Low
Sterility: Non-Sterile