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UltraMop III Mop Heads UltraMop III Mop Heads Stainless Steel Quickconnect Frames

UltraMop III Cleanroom Flat Mop with EzGlide Mesh

UltraMop III - simple, clean & competitive cost! The added mesh provides more abrasive scrubbing to remove contaminants. Mop heads made of absorbent polyurethane foam laminated with a layer of clean snag resistant microfiber. Frames are constructed of electropolished stainless steel. 

Fits All Universal Easy-Snap Handles, Shop Handles 

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Small EzGlide Mesh Mop Head - 32/case 1604-002
Vertiklean Max Small Mop Head 7 Mop Frame - Each 5101-002
Medium EzGlide Mesh Mop Head - 32/case 1604-004
Mop Head Frame -12 Medium - Each 5101-004
Large EzGlide Mesh Mop Head - 32 pcs/case 1604-006
Large Mop Head Frame - 14 Each 5101-006


UltraMop III - simple, clean & competitive cost!

EzGlide Mop Heads
UltraMOP™ III Mop Heads are constructed of a snag-resistant, micro fiber fabric laminated to an absorbent polyurethane foam and edged with EzGLIDE® mesh for cleaning and disinfection of high soil areas. The Bump-PROOF® design improves cleanliness and durability as the durable fabric extends over the front and rear edges making it ideal for ISO class 4 and 5 clean rooms. Compatible with gamma, autoclave and EtO sterilization methods. Mop refills fit Universal Easy Snap frames and handles.

Constructed of electropolished stainless steel, wall washing head frame protects against moisture, bacteria and corrosion as it provides years of simple, trouble-free use. Works with VertiKlean disposable mop heads. Head Frame with Universal Easy Snap - fully autoclavable. When making selection, mop heads must match up with corresponding frame size. 7" frame fits small UltraMop head, 12" frame fits medium UltraMop mop head, 14" frame fits large UltraMop mop head. Compatible with all Universal Easy Snap handles.

Improved disinfection with proprietary foam with super fine porosity evenly applies disinfectants to surfaces. Improved cleanliness with Bump Proof® design covers the leading and trailing edge of the mop head preventing abrasion related particle shedding and eliminating the need for separate polyester covers. Product traceability with Lot Certification of Conformance to ease audit and validation procedures.

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