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Purus Disposable Sticky Mat

Sticky Mats For Cleanrooms And Labs Controlled Environments White - 36X60

The fast, convenient, reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering a clean area.

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  • The fast, convenient, reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering a clean area
  • Available in two tackiness grades: 12.0 or 15.0 ounces/square inch of adhesion (Pressure-Sensitive Tape Council Test Results)
  • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface
  • Numbered corner tabs for easy tracking of remaining sheets
  • Smooth, effective surface is not damaged by shoes, booties or cart wheels
  • No sheet delamination or adhesive transfer

    These sticky mats have proven themselves effective in a wide variety of industries, including microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

    Peel-Off Sheets Simplify Upkeep
    Each sticky mat consists of a stack of tear-off polyethylene film sheets. Persons entering a cleanroom or clean zone walk (and vehicles roll) on the specially treated, pressure-sensitive adhesion on one side of the upper sheet, which removes the last trace of contamination on shoe heels and soles and on wheels. When a sheet becomes loaded with contamination, it is peeled off, exposing a new clean sheet for use. This peel-off design eliminates messy and time-consuming cleaning and washing and makes it easy to keep a clean sticky mat at all times.

    Each sticky mat is adhered to the floor or to a frame with either 2-inch wide double-faced adhesive tape, or with a full-bottom sheet of double-faced adhesive film. A clear release sheet protects the top sheet of the sticky mat until it is ready to use. Two levels of tackiness are available for use with a variety of shoes and booties (see ordering information on the next page). Individual sheets are removed by use of either an uncoated edge or a corner tab. The corner tabs are consecutively numbered to show the number of remaining sheets, thereby helping you to keep track of the number of sheets remaining and preventing multiple sheets being removed at once.

    The sticky mat is not damaged by footwear or wheels, does not slip, is noncontaminating, and is available in both standard and custom sizes. Company logos can be provided. Select the size, color and floor adhesion type from the ordering tables.


Packs include 120 sheets per package, made up of 4 mats of 30 sheets each, price per case.

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