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What is an Angstrom?  


An Angstrom is a unit of measurement equal to one ten billionth of a meter.  This microscopic amount is the inspiration behind our company name.  A strong attention to detail permeates all that we do and is why we’ve been recognized as a leading provider of cleanroom products and services for over a decade.

Cleanroom Experts

We are Experts in cleanroom products and solutions. Our products make us unique, but it is our customer-centric approach and ability to guide and educate our customers in finding the best solution for their need that causes us to stand out! 


We create opportunity for our customers, our team, and our vendors to succeed. We accomplish this by being both relational and resourceful. We seek first to understand, then respond with diligence in pursuit of solutions. We are humble in our approach, driven by challenge, and rely on collaboration. 

At Angstrom Supply, microscopic particles matter to us, because they matter to you.  

Let us show you how our “small” focus can make a big difference in your business today..


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