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Manufacturer Line Card

Offering a quality product arrangement is key to achieving our mission at Angstrom Supply.

We understand the demanding environments and applications of the cleanrooms our customers work within, and aim to balance quality, performance, pricing and availability.

Over the years we have spent time developing vendor and manufacturer relationships, setting expectations, evaluating performance, and creating more value for our customers.

Listed below are a few of our core manufacturers along with a brief description of what makes them unique.

Alpha Protech Cleanroom Supplies  

Keystone Cleanroom Products

Alpha Protech – High quality and consistent cleanroom garments, coveralls, lab coats, hoods, masks, shoe covers and boot covers. When in need of cleanroom garments with high quality design and performance, we turn to Alpha Protech.  

Keystone Products- Cost reduction for high volume less critical products or environments. Offering disposable cleanroom bouffant caps, garments, and accessories.

Texwipe Cleanroom Wipers  

ValuMax Clean Room Supplies


Texwipe- The Cadillac of cleanroom wipers. When looking for a truly lint free wiper we call Texwipe. They use the most advanced technologies in the design and manufacturing of their cleanroom wiping products.



ValuMax- Value, Value, Value! They have done an amazing job balancing price and quality making them a very dependable resource. Supplying cleanroom garmenting products of polypropylene, SMS, and Microporous materials.

Micronoval Cleanroom Supplies




Contec Cleanroom Supplies

Micronova- Cleanroom Cleaning products and chemicals. They have been a leader in cleanroom mops for many years and continue to be an innovator in the industry. They also offer a line for cleanroom glove & hand cleaning detergents in addition they offer cleanroom floor, wall & glass cleaning chemicals.



Contec- Another great and reliable lint free wiper manufacturer offering high end products at competitive prices. In addition to wipers they offer one of the best selections in cleanroom mops. The mopping systems they provide are very innovative and dependable.

Atex Cleanroom Supplies


High Five Clean Room Gloves and Supplies


Microtech Cleanroom Supplies

Atex- This is Angstrom Supply's private label line of products. Over the years we have developed a handful of products that we either partnered with an existing manufacturer or sourced contract manufacturing for production. Offering cleanroom sticky mats, wipers.   HighFive MicroFlex Two glove manufacturers that have merged and now offer a truly one-stop glove shop. Everything including low cost nitrile exam gloves to high end class 100 cleanroom gloves. They really do offer the whole spectrum of glove options.
CTI Cleanroom Gloves and Supplies  


We are continually expanding and improving our product offering.

Many of the products we offer are not available yet online.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you cannot find what you are looking for.

CTI – Great value in both latex and nitrile cleanroom gloves. They also manufacturer our “best-selling” shoe cover. The poly latex shoe cover has the best mix of quality performance and price that we have found.