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Visual Inspection

Black and White Visual Inspection Backgrounds for USP <797>, <800>, <790>

Angstrom is proud to offer a unique product within the cleanroom industry - the Black & White Visual Inspection Background.

Engineered for USP 797 and USP 800

Here at Angstrom, we strive to provide a solution to all of your inspection needs - our one-of-a-kind inspection backgrounds are specifically designed and manufactured with the USP <790>, USP <797>, and USP <800> visual inspection requirements. Each background is made to sit on a flat surface or be attached to a wall, allowing for a consistent inspection setup & designed to make foreign particles stand out clearly in sterile containers and solutions during a manual visual inspection. 

Per USP <797>, each individual injectable CSP (Compounded Sterile Preparation) unit must be inspected against a white background and a black background for evidence of visible particulates, discolorations, or other foreign matter. 

Angstrom recognizes that each cleanroom environment has unique needs so we offer several variations of the visual inspection background, as well as the option of working with our experts to create a custom-designed product just for your cleanroom! 

Our team of cleanroom experts are here to help. Call us at 877-598-7153 or send us a message.


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