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ESD Cloth Grounding Wristband

ESD Cloth Grounding Wristband

ESD Grounding wristbands offer anti-static protection to the people wearing them as well as the instruments and materials being worked with. Available with 6 or 12 foot cords, in blue or maroon.

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ESD Cloth Wristband Blue 6' Coil Cord 4804-004
ESD Cloth Wristband Maroon 6' Coil Cord 4804-006
ESD Cloth Wristband Blue 12' Coil Cord 4804-005
ESD Cloth Wristband Maroon 12' Coil Cord 4804-007


In cleanrooms where electronic instruments are used and static discharge is a top concern, it is imperative to protect both your products and your people. Grounding wristbands allow the wearer to safely work with hazardous materials and sensitive instruments without risk of static discharge. Available with 6 or 12 foot cords for maximum maneuverability.

Available colors: Blue, Maroon

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Manufacturer: Transforming Technologies
Manufacturer SKU: WB1637