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Pure Image Cleanroom Paper Pure Image Cleanroom Paper

Pure Image Cleanroom Paper

Paper for cleanrooms in 6 colors, suitable for Class 10 - Class 1000 clean rooms. Excellent printability, heat toner adhesion, constructed of polyethylene. White, blue, yellow, green, pink, cream.

Packaging250 sheets per pack/10 packs per case. Priced per case.

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Clean Image Cleanroom Paper - Cream 0103-063CR
Clean Image Cleanroom Paper - White 0103-063WH
Clean Image Cleanroom Paper - Green 0103-063GR
Clean Image Cleanroom Paper - Yellow 0103-063YL
Clean Image Cleanroom Paper - Blue 0103-063BL
Clean Image Cleanroom Paper - Pink 0103-063PK


Pure Image Paper for clean rooms is designed for  Class 10 - Class 1000 cleanrooms and is available in 6 colors.

Excellent printability and heat toner adhesion
Polyethylene, non-latex binding technology reduces paper fiber
Pure image premier paper produced in Class 100 cleanroom
Cleaned and double bagged in Class 10 clean room
Double sided, web cleaned prior to sheeting
High opacity and durability
Colors available: white, blue, yellow, green, pink, cream


Packaging Sold by the case: 250 sheets per pack / 10 packs per case 
Weight 22 lb / 80 gsm
Basic Weight (g/m2) 78 - 83
Caliper (micron) 94 -104
Brightness % 88 - 92
Tear Strength MD/CD  74 / 75
Extraction by Ionic Chromatography by Australia Laboratory Services (Singapore)
A. Extraction Volume = 100 ml
B. A sample portion of materials was cut
C. The sample was soaked with 100 ml of ambient ultrapure water for 1 hour
D. After 1 hour the sample was removed and the extraction was analyzed by Ionic Chromatography
E. A control sample was performed in conjunction with the test sample
Contamination Characteristics 
Flouride (F) 0.0163 ug/cm2
Chloride (Cl) 0.3266 ug/cm2
Nitrate (NO2) 0.0013 ug/cm2
Bromide (Br) <0.0012 ug/cm2
Phosphate (PO4) <0.0035 ug/cm2
Sulphate (SO4) 0.1658 ug/cm2

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Manufacturer: Angstrom Supply
Manufacturer SKU: N/A