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SureGrip Shoe Covers with Non-Conductive, Serged Seams

SureGrip Shoe Covers, Seamless Sole- Serged Seams

Due to high product demand from the impact of COVID-19, this product is currently out of stock. We are diligently working to obtain more product, and we are also able to offer you similar alternative products for use. Check out our Alternative Products page to see available items.

Multiple styles and packaging options add to the versatility of SureGrip. Packaged in a primary vacuum heat sealed bag, carton liner and outer corrugated carton to prevent cross contamination and contamination migration from one environment to another.

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Product Name SKU Price
Genpro Shoe Covers Universal 2102-040
Suregrip Shoe Covers Xl 2102-041
Suregrip Shoe Covers 2Xl 2102-042
Suregrip Shoe Covers Universal - 4500/Case 2102-043
Suregrip Shoe Covers Xl - 4500/Case 2102-044
Suregrip Shoe Covers 2Xl - 4500/Case 2102-045


Proven in the marketplace, SureGrip shoe covers have established themselves as the shoe cover of choice for a wide range of floor surfaces and in many different applications. Combining durability and cleanliness with outstanding anti-skid properties, SureGrip provides you with a blend of unmatched performance and overall value.
  • Non-skid, thread colors for convenient size identification, 
  • Serged seams
  • Blue

150 pairs per case, Priced per case

Additional Information

Manufacturer: N/A
Type: Disposable
Sterility: Non-sterile
Manufacturer SKU: N/A