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Furniture Materials: Stainless Steel vs Polymer


Cleanroom furniture comes in different sizes and materials to meet each cleanroom’s requirements. Stainless steel has long been the standard for cleanrooms but a more prominent competitor in the furniture market has become polymer pieces.


Each material has its perks but luckily we offer both! So whatever your needs are, we are sure to be able to find the right furnishings for your cleanroom.



Type 304 Stainless Steel


Corrosion Protection: Excellent

Cleanability: Average

Tear Resistance: Limited

Shelf Capacity: 800 lbs (363 kg)

Relative Price: $$$

Stainless Steel wire shelving is stronger and more robust than all Metro wire shelving products. It resists corrosion in dry, wet, cold, and humid environments. It cleans easily and is impervious to solvents and other cleaners. Stainless steel is favored in cleanrooms, static controlled areas, food service, and manufacturing floors.

Type 304 all-stainless construction is designed for aggressive applications and cleaning methods.


This is not your average plastic shelving. Metro’s polymer shelving systems incorporate robust steel corners, reinforced center supports, and advanced polymer materials to deliver stationary and mobile solutions with the strength of traditional wire shelving. Removable polymer shelf mats protect supplies from damage and wash easily by hand or in dish machines. Microban® antimicrobial product protection is built into the shelf mats and finishes to keep the shelving “cleaner between cleanings”.

Polymers benefit clean environments with the economic advantage of a long life cycle.

MetroMax Q






Corrosion Protection: Moderate

Cleanability: Moderate

Tear Resistance: Average

Shelf Capacity: 800 lbs (363 kg)

Relative Price: $$$

MetroMax Q has an advanced polymer construction integrated with an epoxy coated steel design. It offers superior weight capacity versus traditional wire shelving. You’ll save time when cleaning, as the design avoids the nooks and crevices of traditional wire shelving.

MetroMax i






Corrosion Protection: Excellent

Cleanability: Excellent

Tear Resistance: Excellent

Shelf Capacity: 800 lbs (363 kg)

Relative Price: $$$$

MetroMax i has a unique polymer blend which is both lightweight and durable. The surface is easy to clean and promotes sanitation and disinfection.

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