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Recommended Gowning Procedure Posters

Cleanroom Gowning (Protocol/Procedure): Step by Step Guide & Poster

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Having and following a gowning protocol can have a major impact on the performance of any cleanroom or cleanroom process. People are the #1 contaminant in a cleanroom.

1. Define the Cleanroom Class

Based on the cleanroom class determine what cleanroom garmenting items & apparel will be worn. View our Cleanroom Garment Selection & Frequency Guide.

2. Build the Procedure

Define exactly when, where, and how to don the each cleanroom apparel item. (download our pre-set gowning protocol posters!)

3. Organize & Dispense Cleanroom Supplies

It is critical to organize and dispense your cleanroom suits and supplies in a way that supports your process. Meaning if you are putting bouffant caps on first, they need to be easily accessible exactly in the location you need users to put them on. View Organization & Dispensing products.

4. Train & Replicate

This honestly can be the hardest part, but we are here to help. Getting your team to follow the process can turn into a battle. The goal is to make it simple, use images, and train on why we gown, not just how we gown.

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