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Since its founding by Edward Paley in 1964, Texwipe has maintained their position as a global leader in Cleanroom wiper manufacturing. With over 70 different wipers in their catalogue, Texwipe has a solution for any situation that may arise in your business. Whether you're looking for a soft, gentle wiper for maintaining electronics and medical instruments, a durable, absorbent wiper for handling spills and surface wipedowns, or anything in between, Texwipe has the exact wiper you need. 

Every one of the wipers Texwipe makes is specially designed for a unique purpose. Ranging from the all-natural NuCotton to the heavy-duty Honeycomb, the sheer variety and uniqueness of each wiper is a big part of what sets Texwipe apart from the competition. Variety isn't the only thing Texwipe is known for, though. Each of these specialized wipers is of very high quality and standards; They have to be in order to make it out the door. Texwipe boasts an impressively robust series of standards and certifications for their wipers to meet during production. Their particle inspection process is so thorough that it was adopted as the official particle testing standard of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). When it comes to keeping your cleanroom clean, Texwipe is the clear choice.

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